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Staples Jr. Singers


Nov 10
Las Palmas, Spain

Nov 11
Le Guess Who?
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nov 12
London Jazz Fest
London, UK

Nov 13
Stockholm, Sweden

Nov 14
Brussels, Belgium

April 23 - New York City

This spring, the Staples Jr. Singers will be playing their first-ever performances in New York City. It’s an ambitious series—three shows in one day!—but these will likely be the best shows you see all year: Gospel brunch at Baby’s All Right, a live-broadcast outdoor show at The Lot Radio, and an extended set to cap off their New York shows at Friends & Lovers.

Baby's All Right - 11am.
Gospel brunch! Free with a suggested donation.
RSVP here.

The Lot Radio - 3pm.
Outdoor show! Free with a suggested donation.
RSVP here.

Friends and Lovers - 7pm.
Grand Finale! Full set!
Tickets here.

Staples Jr. Singers LIVE!

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